Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's this Blog About?

I just switched from my company's official blog to my own blog. That's kind of exciting, but it means that absolutely know one knows about this blog. (Almost no one knew about our company blog. It was mostly employees.)

That's great! It lets me talk to myself for a bit while I try to organize the blog a bit. :)

I want to answer a simple question first. What the heck is this blog about?

Well, it's about things that interest me. However, I'm the only one who's going to visit a blog about that. (Maybe my wife? Cindy? Are you there?) Okay, so what interests me? Perhaps if people got a clear idea of what I talked about, then they'd know if they wanted to come here.

I like talking about problems that I've had. In the case of this particular post, it's about a problem that I've got right now. Many times, however, I've solved the problem already.

No one's going to read a blog with that little direction, though.

I can say that I'm a big fan of unusual solutions to problems. This is true in my life, but, if I find an unusual solution that works for me, I'm likely to write about it. You probably see a lot more unusual solutions on this blog than I typically come up with in my life. However, not all of my posts have involved unusual solutions to problems. That's okay. There's more than a few posts.

The title of my blog uses the word Programming. I do a lot of that. Programming is a great place to find unusual solutions to a wide variety of problems, too. One of the great things about diverging from our official blog is that I can talk about anything I want to.

I'm guessing that it'll end up being a blog about unusual solutions to problems in programming and game design. That's way too verbose.

Fred on Programming is wonderfully vague. I'll stick with that.


andy said...

I just want to caution the growing legion of Fred followers that he is, in fact, an EE. Not only that but he has a PHd in EE stuff - so though he may talk about programming, he's not one of us. He's one of those interloping EE types.

And secondly, if there's a Fred blog fan-club then I'm the defacto president. Sorry Cindy, you just don't comment enough.

Fred Bertsch said...

Ha! Yes, you're now the official fan-club! :D

I mean, you're now the official fan club president.

I'll try and start recruiting for you. :) Without you, Andy, I'd have no comments anywhere on this blog!

As far as my degree goes, yes, I'm an EE. I've got to admit that I'm having a lot of fun working with PC-Doctor's newest EE, Paul. It's fun pretending that I know some circuits stuff! :)

Hey, I can have meaningful conversations with Paul. That's something. :)

So, yeah. This week, I'm an EE.

Oh, if you're worried about being the whole fan club, I should point out that I'm starting to get more hits. I'm up to about 5 visitors per day! Woot! They stay for an average of 2 page views, so someone's clearly reading something...

I'm still a lot lower than I was at with PC-Doctor's blog, but it's growing fast enough to measure.