Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bonus Day at PC-Doctor: They Gave Me a Coffin!

This morning was PC-Doctor's 14th anniversary! To celebrate, the management team at PC-Doctor put in overtime and bought a lot of goodies to give away to employees.

Wow. That's pretty cool.

Maybe I'll win a 50" TV or some Raiders tickets or the massage chair.

The management team picks names, ostensibly at random, and when someone's name comes up, they run over to a pile of stuff they choose and claim it. Sounds great! I don't own a TV, and they've got a bunch of them here. Maybe I can get one?

It's Andy's turn! I work a lot with Andy, but his kids were sick today, so I got to pick for him. He sounded pretty happy about his plasma TV on the phone.

There aren't many choices left, but there are still a few good options remaining.

When's it going to be my turn?

Okay, now it's really hard to find anything left. What's still around?

Uh, oh. It turns out that I'm the last person.

What's still there?

Woot! I get a Lady of Guadalupe Casket! Rob says that it'll get delivered next week.

While I'm not a coffin expert, it's at least got a long list of features. It's pretty long, too, so my legs would only be slightly bent!

I'd told my wife that I might win a TV. Somehow, I'd forgotten to mention that I might win a casket. In retrospect, this seems like poor planning on my part.

One question remains: Is there enough space in my cubical for my new coffin?

This originally appeared on PC-Doctor's blog.

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